SHOUT! Testimonials


“I don’t know if you realize what a wonderful thing you do for people, so I wanted to tell you.

My brother, sister-in-law, two of their boys, and I went to your Gaylord, Mich., show on July 25. We didn’t know quite what to expect before we got there, but once there, we were delighted beyond our wildest expectations. You took us back to a time when everything was fun and simple and clean. You took my two nephews, 15 and 10 years old, on a time-travel trip that they will likely never forget. You made us all feel like teenagers again regardless of our age.

We met a 42-year-old woman there who said she had never in her life been able to dance in front of people, but at your show she was dancing with reckless abandon. It’s like she got a “do-over,” where she could make up for all the times in her past when she sat on the sidelines while everyone else danced. The smiles on everyone’s faces, the way we were all singing along, total strangers linking arms and singing the Na-Na-Na-Nahs to “Hey Jude.” Maybe that’s something that happens at every show you do, I don’t know. All I know is that was one of the best times I’ve had, not just in recent years, but ever.

Your talent is truly a gift that we were so grateful that you shared. I hope you will continue to share it with many more people around the country in the years to come.”

God bless you,
Carol Zito
Sterling Heights, Michigan


“I have sent four CD’s with your morning show interview with Program Director Stan Grabitz. The interview was great and I personally enjoyed the way you stayed in character and had the same mannerisms as “The Beatles.” The concert in Marlette on Friday the 19th was FANTASTIC and I was amazed at how much the group SHOUT! sounded and played the instruments so well.

I really had a great time and have heard nothing but outstanding comments on the performance. Thank you so very much for giving the radio station and myself an opportunity to enjoy the music. Being a huge Beatles fan myself, I would like to think that John, Paul, Ringo & George would be impressed and honored to have SHOUT! play their music. Keep up the great work and hopefully I’ll see you in the area again soon. Also, the website is fabulous and I am a frequent visitor… “

Thanks for your time-
Renae Davis
News Director WMIC/WTVG/WBGV


“A short note to express our appreciation of SHOUT! at the recent Beatles Appreciation Night at the British Commonwealth Club in Warren, Michigan.

Considering the audience consisted of 20% Ex-Pat Brits, many from Liverpool, this indeed was a formidable group to impress with this type of a show. All commented on the authenticity and quality of the musicianship of the performance.

Notwithstanding the excellence of the performance, your courtesy and congeniality mad it indeed a pleasure dealing with you.”

Tom Spratt
British Commonwealth Club


“Hey folks, Just wanted to say congratulations on another great show! Everyone who was at the Cameron Brown birthday fund raiser was raving about your performance last night. Working at an Oldies radio station, we get several calls a day for the Beatles. And I have to say you sound exactly like them. I see that you will be in Angola Indiana in September. We have a sister station there (WLKI) and several Beatles fans are on staff. I will let them know you will be there and hopefully they can see for themselves just how good you are. If things work out, I’ll be bringing some friends down who missed you at the fund raiser and at Michigan Week.”

Keep up the good work.
Mike Stiles
WMSH Radio


“Dear Shout!, We have seen your concerts for the past couple of years in Toledo, Monroe, and Angola. You guys are fantastic! You are all very talented musicians as well as comedians. You have a great rapport with your fans and are never too tired to sign countless autographs after your shows. You put your heart and soul into each performance and stir up many wonderful memories. We’ve seen other Beatles groups in the past and you are the best! We hope you continue to perform together for many years, since you have brought much joy to us and the rest of your fans.”

Mick & Bonnie LaVoy


“Hi there! I saw you guys this past weekend in Toledo, Ohio at the Birmingham Ethnic Festival and I have to say that I was floored–I couldn’t believe how good you were!!! I arrived in the middle of the show and asked the lady next to me if you were really singing because I couldn’t believe how great you sounded.”

Julie Kovalik


“My name is Tim I had the privilege of seeing you and the lads perform at the East side Fest last Sunday night ,and Sir, it was a great honor to meet you. Watching you play, was an inspiration, I have seen other tribute bands before, the one that i thought was very good, is called 1964 a tribute, But I must say all of you have out done them. All of your vocals, moves playing, all was just like watching the real Beatles. I have not seen another man imitate John Lennon so well as you do!!!”